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NullSana (on aminet) does just that: it provides a virtual ethernet card.
The problem is that it uses Miami.
So maybe Toni could find a way for it to use WinUAE built-in tcp/ip stack instead of Miami.
If you go up and read my whole post, mate, you'll see that I had no luck using it in WinUAE Which is why I suggested it for Toni But the idea is kinda good....... sortof "redirect" away from Miami and use the emulated Socket instead...... Would be a huge improvement over having a 68K Mac without anything, at least......

Or mayhaps, if the source for Nullsana came along with it... mayhaps it could be modified just for release to "us others" and Toni needn't wory about it? No coding for me though.. I could make a "screensaver" in AMOS but I couldn't go hardwarelevel if my life depended on it
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