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Originally Posted by thor
Parallel port Teletext decoder emulation that streams the Teletext data from Analog TV/DVB card
This is second most pointless idea (seriously, I did have self-made analog teletext decoder PCB connected to Amiga, I think the instructions were in aminet or something..) Anyway, I am 99.99% sure I won't emulate this.

Originally Posted by Doc Mindie
but a build-in "Sana-II" emulation might be nice
I don't think this is pointless enough! I remember reading SanaII specs ages ago and there was some problems, I think the problem was "emulating" virtual network card in host-side, I have no idea how to do it (I guess it is something Virtual PC or VMWare does)

Originally Posted by thor
Hardware freezers besides Action Replay
Will be done but only if I can have physical device for experimentation. ROM dump isn't enough. (too easy to waste time by just by tracing the ROM blindly without hardware)

Originally Posted by ppill
Most likely will happen someday because it will be another fun learning experience. But it will be very pointless

Originally Posted by keropi
a ser/parallel external clock module
Currently most pointless idea ever, but no, I won't implement this

Originally Posted by wizard66
I want to do something back for the Winuae Development and amiga comunity and I will give you a CDTV for free you only have to pay for shipment costs, if you are intrested let me know !
You serious? Of course I am more than interested.
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