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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver
PS : the formatting system depends a lot on the quality of the disk used
to save CF game. I have retried 2 times with HDD disks to create a format
disk on my A600, only making it the 3rd time.
Eh? What has this to do with anything? Of course HD disks can be unreliable with non-HD drive. HD disk surface material is different.

CF crashing during save disk formatting is a game bug.

Track buffer pointer keeps increasing after each written track (it should have been reset) and after about 30 tracks it points to >512K chip area and without 1MB chip all interrupt and exception vectors will be overwritten..

I have debugged it because it was thought to be emulation bug but my real A500 crashes at exact same place without 1MB chip enabled.

Sorry but I'll have to ignore this until someone confirms it also happens with 1MB chip settings.
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