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HELP: Cannon Fodder French Bug crash !

hello guys,

i need help, i have almost finish to record cannon fodder full longplay
for recordedamigagames.

I use cannon fodder SPS 2332, french version. i explain :

Once i have finished mission 23 phase 5 of 5, the game load the death screen,
and after go for loading the main menu.

It hangs on disk 3 track 59, and then the music begin to bug, and is anormally shut down in a progressive manner, the screen stay black and a few seconds after the A500 config crash and reset.

i don't know if it's a bug related to winuae or a bug from the game.
The other problem is that english savedisk is non compatible with this french version, so i can't test

(i have joined my winuaelog and a savestate. Just go up, take care of the mines, use helicopter
and go south west to destroy turret and the 2 choppers, and finally go up left of the screen and
blow the last turret. Now the death screen appears and just after the game load the main menu
and once at T59 kaboom. (i use winuae 1.3.1 for recording because versions 1.3.2, 1.3.3, 1.4.0 have a problem with sound recording. The sound goes weird. I have tried winuae 1.3.4 and winuae 1.4.0 and the crash happens with this version too).

thank for your help.
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