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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
the gotek is independent of the romulator. the buttons on any gotek can be controlled by any keyboard, be it my MX or an original keyboard (an original gotek will require some soldering) . it will work with an a500/600 or a1200. the MX keyboard has this function built in, the original keyboards need "a little bit of help". I am almost ready to release the boards, once i am done finalizing them i will release the boards. i redesigned my old gotek design with pin headers so it can be connected to the keyboards/adapters to enable the advanced gotek features (OSD, eject, up/down etc), no soldering needed. i notice that there is a new OSD update for the HXC core. the nice thing about the romulator and the OSD is you can easily see the listing while in the romulator menu.
Ahhh, quite nice!

I have a Gotek in df1: - have been thinking about another Gotek for df0: but then I need to get another external drive so that I have access to real floppies.

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
AOTL have the romulators in stock and he just needs to add these to the inventory listing, supplies are limited. I am still trying to sort out a UK distributor for those that do not want to purchase from N. America.
Cool. Don't mind ordering from the US but would make more sense to get it from Europe :-)

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
depending on your a500 version your amiga can access 512 or 1MB ROMs the maximum an A500 can access is a 1MB ROM. the available ram on the romulator is 1MB. an a500+ can support 1MB ROM, the earlier a500s can support 1MB with a simple mod, this also applies to the A2000.
It's a rev 6a MB with a 1MB Fat agnus. I am hoping to populate the empty RAM slots - just waiting for parts.

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
The cartridge mode for me is a great thing, it would be more practical on a 1MB/2MB ROM but even on a 1.3ks it could still have the means of setting up a rom image to allow "modules" to be attached to a basic rom to achieve cartridge mode.
I thought about 880 KB of data from a floppy and a minimal Kickstart 1.2/1.3 - a full floppy would leave about 140 KB for a cut-down version of Kickstart 1.3. It should be possible to find 116 KB to ditch from the ROM.

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