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Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
At the moment we are focused on finishing the OCS version, so maybe ask again when that is closer to being done.

As you may have seen, we do have options to target other platforms (which could include AGA), but OCS Amiga is the #1 priority, and we have not made any decisions on other platforms yet.
Yes, please think about AGA version! Just writing that i'm next for AGA version.

Don't get me wrong (again?), I'm for this game with hands and legs. But AGA version is what could be killer app.

And please remember that my opinion mentioned before was based on "vs AGA" opinions.
And it's not that i like only colourful games.

And one more thing: Please, don't "force" control to one button! That kind of control killed many games in playability aspects. Leave as is (probably) now - two buttons or keyboard.

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