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Originally Posted by Qun Mang View Post
EDIT: PoP works great, though the manual protection is less than clear. "First letter of 6th word on line 2 of page 13." Okay, pause WinUAE, back to desktop, check manual in folder. Pages numbered, great- find page 13. Okay, "Practice" must be line 1. Second line- IBM/Tandy: From within the game, press SHIFT-L on the keyboard blah blah blah." Is IBM/Tandy one word or two? Two words, word is game, one word it is press. /me tries "p"- nope. Okay, finds "g" potion on next screen, drink, nope- dead. Maybe IBM/Tandy doesn't count at all? Or the "Practice" header doesn't count as a line? Sigh...
Yeah the manual is a bitch to read...

Originally Posted by Qun Mang View Post
EDIT2: Wait- that's not the right manual, is it? "For Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, IBM PC & compatibles." Time to seek out the Mac manual unless they just packaged that manual with the Mac version..?

EDIT3: Found it:
Hmmm, I thought I got it from Macintosh Garden.

Anyway, luckily "SaveStates" seem to work fine with PoP & PoP2.

As mentioned in the Update Pack #24 - First Part post I've created "SaveStates" for both PoP games right after the protection
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