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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
There are a few striking differences between lotus and outrun that people tend to forget with the biggest one being that fact that lotus only has 1 car sprite recoloured as the cars you pass on the road whereas in outrun there is a mix match of different vehicles.

Outrun also has vastly more artifacts at the side of the road that need scaled and drawn. These could be cut back on i suppose but it depends just how accurate you want to get the port.

Speaking of which any outrun game MUST have the music as that is as much outrun as the game itself.
Good points re Lotus only having 1 car sprite. I do keep forgetting that detail. I had thought of others like the fact that it doesn't have forks in the road, but assumed some clever dev know..."just" add that in

And hell yes the music is a MUST. Although there are acceptable cheating ways around that.

I recall Sinclair User magazine ones had a cover tape (I think this was how it was distributed. I dont recall it being WITH the game but anyway), and it was an audio cassette of the music. (Edit: False DID come with the game. Just looked up the box art. So it was a second cassette I think, or perhaps side B but that wouldn't have worked as you'd loose your "position" with loading each level)

What I did, after loading the first game level, was switch tapes and play the audio through the spectrum computer. Sounded awesome

So what I'm saying is, I'd rather fix graphics and gameplay, so long as I can listen to the music...."somehow" as a worst case

The spectrum version btw was good and bad.

Colours (or lack of) go without saying.
It was sloooooooow.
BUT...the graphics representation, AND the level recreation in terms of hills and corners was amazingly close.

Originally Posted by Coagulus View Post
While I'd love to see an arcade perfect Out Run I'd also love to see what genuinely is the best version an A500 could do. One thing is certain, the version we got wasn't it.

I liked the Master System version but that was hardly arcade perfect. Maybe one day they'll will be a good conversation...
Yes to clarify, this is what I'm thinking.

I'm not after "The Arcade version on an A500". If I want to play Outrun Arcade, hell I'd buy a used standup unit and put it in my garage TBH.

I'd LOVE to see "the best the A500 can do", and Lotus has always proved to me that it could have been done much better than it was.

I also really liked the Master System version btw. It was FAST, and that's the whole point.

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