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Originally Posted by Coagulus View Post
And this is why I shouldn't use autocorrect. I meant maybe one day there will be a good conversion!

The conversation has been fine.
I found that the conversation was far from Arcade perfect. I want more layers of parallax and hardware sprite scaling in my conversations

Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
I think should be possible to reach PC Engine or Megadrive quality, but the arcade is too powerful for an OCS machine unless you want to go the Drivng Force approach and have 8-colors giant pixel stuff running at you (actually i wouldn't mind, because huge pixels were in the arcade too)
The Amiga is certainly capable of much, much better than what we got.

PC-Engine level might be tricky due to the insane number of colours that system allows you to use (all 512 colours can be used at once with a bit of clever palette picking), but close to the MD version should be fairly doable.
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