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I'm toying with an idea to accompany this story......

I've not seen anyone really cover the Tenstar Games pack on YouTube.

To kind of "count down" to me going to unbox my Amiga in the UK, I may do a quick YouTube series via emulation in which I.....

1) Begin with the story in brief, based around a recent magazine purchase that arrived yesterday from the UK

2) Emulation capture of some random gameplay of each of the games I got in my original pack, with me talking about, not the game, but the emotions and memories that re-playing it evokes,

3) Travelling to the UK and unboxing the Batman pack, again focusing on emotion and memories rather than the product itself.

Does that would even vaguely interesting?

I'm not after subs or hits. Just a way of covering the journey really. Nothing fancy. I've done video editing both professionally and personally, and that's not what I'm aiming for here. Just quick 1 take stuff.

What I'd do is set aside a day to "film" the games, and then drip feed them over the year as short sharp episodes. (much the same as how Top Gear would do car review filming at the track in 1 or 2 days, for an entire series of episodes worth).

For me, this is because I dont want to be playing via emulation much this year, as I dont want to soften the impact of receiving the original hardware. Once these are filmed, I'll "de-amiga" myself for a while.

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