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Originally Posted by Solid Snake View Post
Fantastic story, it was moving and emotional. I totally agree with your decision to purchase the classic Amiga 500 Batman Pack. Back in the day, I also wanted this badly. The pack was released near Christmas and became a must buy for boys everywhere. Including three great games (Batman The Movie, New Zealand Story and F/A-18 Interceptor) and a brilliant paint package Deluxe Paint III, was absolute genius. These showed off how powerful the A500 actually was. It was THE perfect kids Christmas present. If you got one of these you were extremely lucky...

Checkout this site for further info:
Sure was and still is for me.

thanks for the link too.

Reminds me, I need to buy and stash a copy of Amiga Format issue 4.

I've purchased another issue, and am waiting for it to arrive from the UK. Should be here soon.

I'll reveal which issue and why when it arrives
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