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Thanks guys. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Stories like this are very personal and sometimes it's only the writer who really likes them, so they can be hit and miss.

For anyone, including deladrevoc, who were watching the ebay item when it came up, rest assured it'll be well looked after.

If it's in the condition I think it's in, I'll treat it like a collectible car. Driven "just enough" to keep it in good working order, and garaged the rest of the time.

I'm actually half tempted to get a more "used" one as well, for regular thrashing, or a used A1200 as I never owned one.....or both.....see where the problem starts?

What I really want to try and get though, before I visit England later this year, is the games from the Tenstar pack, and possibly the SW trilogy, so that I truly have "my pack". But we'll see.

I have to let the bank and the wife recover first

Not just from the purchase of the A500, but from the four non-stop flights I just shelled out for.

Last time it was train tickets. This's a little more expensive than that

Of course unboxing the Amiga isn't the only reason for the visit......honest
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