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WHDLoad NTSC versions!

Running a PAL game on NTSC (if it even works) will make it run a little faster. You do lose some of the screen at the bottom. Most PAL games do not run on NTSC though, some do.

Some of us prefer NTSC as that is what we are used to, and what we use in our country. Most of my Commodore monitors and TV's are NTSC. Though most of my monitors (except the Amiga 1080) do work fine with PAL. Plus I prefer to fill the screen when playing my NTSC games. When running a NTSC game on PAL, you get that infamous black gap at the bottom of the screen!

What is annoying is when some games are made in Europe and they don't use the whole PAL screen resolution but it only runs on PAL! Some recent examples are games like: The Great Giana Sisters SE and the newly released StarQuake! They require PAL to run, but only use a "NTSC sized" 320x200 screenmode.

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