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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Titlescreen and music sample - Enigma Sadeness (Part I) anyone?!
Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
This would explain the size. It is ~1.4 mb which is much for a game like this.
Well, yes and no - the music sample alone is probably too short to inflate the exec that much. Yep, what aszu said plus there is this little snippet in the game's readme file:

Why executable file is that big?

- lame code
- graphics in EHB mode (64 colors)
- a lot of samples (500kb)
- track module (200kb)

EHB mode for in-game graphics - really? That would explain the large size of the IFF screenshots in the game archive. Can't say I've ever seen such large IFF files for 8-bit gfx in an Amiga game before.

Many thanks for your kind words, but it's probably best not to feed the trolls! Anyway, hope you're enjoying a well-earnt holiday mate and getting lotsa sun!
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