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FlashFloppy - new firmware for Gotek drives, open source

POST UPDATED November 14 2017:

Latest version:
Originally Posted by kaffer View Post
New minor release update:

v0.8.8a - Error Reporting, Board Enhancements

- Better error reporting (filesystem, media, power, image handling)
- Optional feature enhancements for Gotek clones
- Third button (select) may be used instead of prev/next for firmware update and factory reset

Original news post:
Thanks to Higgy for pointing this one out to me, it seems we have a new contender in the Gotek firmware land, and this one is open source, which I hope will lead to a lot more improvement over what we have already.

Keir Fraser, not a stranger to the Amiga world, having made stuff like Keirf's Disk Utilities, has released FlashFloppy, a new firmware for STM32F10x based floppy emulators

Seems like it's early days, and I haven't been able to find any more info about it. I am ASSUMING this is compatible with Amiga and Atari ST, also from the existence of a FlashFloppy file selector supporting both those platforms:

It also says there that this is compatible with the HxC loader in other platforms, so perhaps this is more of a universal floppy emu like HxC. Good stuff!

I am glad to see this popping up and hopefully we get a kick ass firmware out of it. After Cortex being abandoned our only hope has been HxC, but it isn't open source.

Hopefully file slots on the selector can finally be connected by filename instead of by physical location on the USB media, so we can start sharing playlists of stuff.

[edit] Confirmed by Keir, it is in his thoughts to allow his Selector to be able to load images by filename and path instead of by cluster. This is great news!

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