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I'm going to add one more item into my GVP notes up above that I forgot to include. Always go with the full Mask value (0xFFFFFFFE), at partition prep time, as the gvpscsi or omniscsi driver knows how to handle DMA to RAM both on the GVP accelerators (and other accelerators), and Zorro II boards. To have anything less will hurt performance. The only times one may have problems is if the RAM is AddMem'd, and doesn't support DMA, and gets placed into the Zorro II RAM space. <br />
<br />
The driver (below the file system level) is the most efficient and reliable way to handle non-DMA supported memory ranges. Mask is a kludge at the file system level (if the file system supports it) that still doesn't fix non-DMA-capable RAM access during direct-SCSI communications (like when you are prepping a boot block, checking for disk changes on removables, tape drives, and possibly emulators that might have their own media layout on a target SCSI ID).
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