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Originally Posted by blatboy View Post
This is great info. I wasn't able to get >4GB drives to work at all on my A3000... regardless if the drive was at the end of the card or not. (Thread) In the end I may use a CF card solution. However, this info does give me more fodder for testing. Thanks

I was able to setup a single 14GB SCSI2SD drive before I moved on to splitting it up. Workbench* was able to show the correct drive size in the title bar of the drawer, but HDInstTools showed the size as a negative value. I opted to split the drive into smaller chunks to avoid issues with any older applications I may use. I also have one of them formatted FAT for use with my A2286 (Still need to get an OS for it).

*Workbench 3.1 using 3.x (45.064) Kickstart

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