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Originally Posted by Marchie View Post
This is covered in my other thread, but since you guys seem to know what you're doing - I'm encountering wildly different drive sized between the utility and the Amiga, there seems to be a vague correspondence between the number of cylinders my HD prep utility sees and the size of the drive, but nothing like what what I've configured on the PC (eg: 4gb = 124mb).

Is there somewhere I can read-up on cylinders, sectors, etc. and how they are interpreted by the Amiga (or the SD card adapter?)?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, sometimes I think I'm the only person on this forum without a degree in electrical engineering...
As they say "there are no stupid questions"..

This Wiki article does a decent job explaining how they work on real disks: (Excerpt: (512 bytes/sector)×(63 sectors/track)×(255 heads (tracks/cylinder))×(1024 cylinders)=8032.5 MiB)

Where the SCSI2SD is concerned, these values are whatever is acceptable by the host (Amiga) and will add up to the total size of the drive. Keep the bytes per sector at 512. This calculator might help:
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