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Originally Posted by Signman View Post
Haven't hooked up to monitor, will do later. Also no keyboard.
I do hear the old floppy click, so hopeful.

Took it apart at work, here is photo of interior. Looks really clean unlike exterior.
Revision A
Beautiful! You probably don't need me to tell you, but it's pretty easy to solder an A2000 keyboard adapter to test it out (if you have an A2000 keyboard already of course!).

Originally Posted by mattsoft View Post
I have an ACA500+ and it works on my "rejuvenated Amiga" reliably. This Amiga has the Expert Services Rejuvenator board with the 1MB ECS and 2.04 KS on ROM. On my plain, vanilla 1000, the ACA500+ will not boot. The Vampire might be a better way to go.
I wasn't aware you needed a rejuvinator board to get the ACA500+ working, is this the same story for a Vampire? What's the story with the rejuvinator board? What does it do? (as before mentioned, I just acquired an A1000, so still learning).
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