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Ahhh...I finally sorted out the scsi patch instructions. I was going nowhere for a while. I have my patched scsi.device 43.45 in devs: now.

I have already inserted C:ACAtune -maprom * early in my startup sequence and it still boots okay in WinUAE.

I have commented out all of the other OS 3.9 scsi checks and then inserted the following:

C:LoadModule >NIL: DEVS:scsi.device NOREBOOT right before

C:Setpatch SKIPROMUPDATES "scsi.device" QUIET which was already there.

I rebooted and I get an error saying C:loadmodule failed returncode 10

I double-checked and scsi.device is definitely sitting in DEVS:

Perhaps I am not doing things in the correct sequence?

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