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Retroman, you have to take into consideration the...uhmm.. 'penetration' of the Amiga product in different places. If here I see a monitor for 20 bucks, it's a fucking steal! Amigas were rare and expensive over here, always, unlike Germany or teh UK, where you could find them ten-a-penny.

You go to Japan and see a Turbo R going for 80 bucks, and you think WTF!!!, but a jap might come and say 'tsk tsk, that's expensive!' and you might want to rip his throat

Ah, I had to take that out of my chest so I don't rip your throat when you say 20 dollars for a 1084 is not cheap I wish i could find one of those at that price!

Ohh.! Kikstart 128 arrived. Time to play when i get home
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