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Originally Posted by phx View Post
I didn't forget that, but a release doesn't make sense until Volker fixed the open bugs.
Yes, unfortunately he had no enough time for vbcc in the last months. So I focused myself on... different projects.
I'm happy to hear the update is not forgotten or abandoned. You did find some constructive use of your time so I won't complain .

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Would it be possible to get this to work with CV64/3D? There is a 15bit Warp3D driver, it supports very little via the S3Virge Chip with only 4mb VRAM, I think Decent in Warp3D is the only game that actually works with it!
The CV64/3D might be tricky to get running. The Virge has many hardware limitations and odd behaviors. The Virge Warp3D driver was not updated to the latest version of Warp3D so it's kind of patched in with some functionality lacking. The good news is that the 68k optimization of the Warp3D Virge driver is better than for the Voodoo or Permedia. You will want to run OxyPatcher/CyberPatcher/MuRedox as with most fp programs because of the missing FINT/FINTRZ on the 68040. You might try with and without my patched Warp3D.library which should work with the Virge driver and provide a minor speedup. It may be possible to get the CV64/3D to run Quake at reduced quality but it would probably require testing with the board in the developers machine. It's probably a time eater too.
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