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This is much more interesting problem after all..

Those 3 games DO NOT work on my real CD32 either! (First 2 works). Tested with 2 CD32s.

Technical details of the problem:

Games use RNC loader.

Non-working games set Akiko CD DMA base address to unaligned address. CD32 internal driver and all RNC CD32 loader games (except this one) use 64k alignment. These 3 non-working games use 4k alignment which obviously is not supported by hardware (CD DMA controller inside Akiko chip)

So either there is Akiko revision that supports 4k alignment or this compilation never worked which does not make much sense..

Any ideas?

Non-working games load on emulation if 64k alignment restriction is removed. (Except Tommy Gun which hangs after "please wait" screen, again does something weird with CD hardware)

Perhaps there is some kind of CD32 development hardware that has different chipset revision? (Or my CD32s are borken)
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