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Hi Toni,

I renamed/disabled "Devs:Picasso96Settings". I set UAEGfx to:

(32bit) all Screen Modes in Screenmode Prefs look like Picasso 4 screen modes. But WOS crashes before the GUI displays still. Doesn't matter which screen mode I set it to (32 doesn't exist in the list now)..

If I change the settings back to:

8-bit (*)
B8G8R8A8 (*)

and the screenmode, because the Prefs were saved for other Color modes comes up as Amiga native. From there pick a UAE Gfx 32bit screen 640x480x32 or 800x600x32 and Use, not Save, then the game's Front End GUI and game will load every time.

Save the Screen Prefs and it won't for that mode anymore. Unless, upon rebooting or resetarting I pick a different 32bit screen...then it'll work.

If I choose a 16bit screen, either WOS crashes or Amiga has error 8000 0006.

Any other ideas?
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