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Amiga Unix manuals

I have just uploaded a PDF version of the "Learning Amiga Unix" manual into the Zone. It's one of the three (?) manuals that came with the original Amix (Installing-, Learning-, Using Amiga Unix) package.

I removed the spiral backing from the book and scanned the pages using an autofeeder copier with scanner option, then I combined it into a PDF file. As this scanner-thingy I used didn't allow making greyscale TIFFs (as I was instructed with other great tips by Kitchen2010, thanks again!) I had to compromise a little on the quality (still using 600dpi full-quality JPG) but I think this looks quite presentable.

I also have the "Using Amiga Unix" manual, but I haven't taken it apart yet.

It seems that the -domain name has expired, and that the main site's file galleries are not working. At least the "Using Amiga Unix" manual was available from there, but that one had big -watermarks all over it, it was also scanned with the spiral bounding in place so it was not of that good quality.

Do we have some other mirror for these files? Or should those be Zoned aswell?
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