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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
Yesterday I just managed to install the Ultimate Blitz CD, and today I figured out how to add the extra commands to it such as LoadTrackerModule and LoadPTModule. The tracker commands didn't work at first, but then I realized they required an A1200 setup, and now they work fine.

However, there seems to be a problem with this latest version of the SmackMyBitchUp mod: It starts to play, but then gets stuck into an infinite loop, and just repeats positions 10,11 and 12 forever. It seems that it was meant to do a loop at this position, but it gets stuck and the song doesn't progress any further. This problem happened with both LoadTrackerModule, LoadPTModule, and also with Protracker 3.1.

I don't know what causes this. But all the other mods you have posted load and play fine in both Blitz and Protracker.
I'm guessing that ProTracker does not like doing an E6x command and an EEx command on the same row. But maybe it's simply a matter of the order in which the commands are handled by the replayer and would work if the 3&4th channels were switched, it could be worth a try.

I used MilkyTracker to put these modules together, and while that program does have some ProTracker compatibility it is primarily a FastTracker clone and would behave like FT rather than PT. I may just have to forget about using loops to optimise this track and make it use two patterns instead of one. I'm about to go to bed right now, but this should only take me a few minutes and I'll get the bugfixed version to you tomorrow.

Although I am curious as to how OctaMED handles this file. Does OctaMED play it correctly? Rows 10-12 should play a total of four times and then move onto the next loop.

If I was not extremely busy with another project right now I might attempt my own custom music sequence format, as this track does not really require any of the features of a tracker apart from the actual sequence itself. And even that only really needs one channels worth of information. The sample can be made to play on both channels 1&2 with a single Blitz command. Before optimisation all the samples were the same length and would be triggered at regular intervals so it should be quite easy to know when to trigger them in the code.
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