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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
Have you actually browsed through it all, Retroguy?
Yes, I did

Seriously, #OldEmuIsos clearly has FAR more material than those two sites put together.
Where ?? What ??? Naaahhhhh ...

Check out in particular "!Gimme da ISOs" on the channel, and you'll be wanting to leech off that area throughout the week, or just a few days if you have Broadband (hint hint Big-byte).
Well ok, I admit that you´re right if you count NON AMIGA things too (like PCE or Philips CD-I) but If we speak of Amiga games/isos/whatever, it´s not really worth a look since you can get those images/games/isos/whatever on sites on the Net WITHOUT having to wait

Just my 2c
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