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The tutorials below are in English.

Cool-g Asm Source (Belgium 93)

AsmOne 1.6
10 basic Sources.
The AsmOne Examples, that Install a BootBlock which displays Text.
A Horizontal Text Scroller.

Also has 3 introduction files to Assembler on the Amiga.
1: Introduction about 68k instruction set and what the commands do.
2: Introduction about the Amiga Custom Chips and how to use them.
3: Introdcution to the Amiga Libraries and some basic source.

*Warning* this code will need to be fixed to run nicely on KS2+/AGA.

It also comes with the well documented Source to a Demo which:
Displays a picture
Plays a Music Tracker Mod
Scrolls Text
Scrolls a Starfield.

Changing the Picture, Music Tracker, Music, Text is easy. Newbies may have problems changing the Scroll Font, Or changing the Scroller position.

The demo above uses a mouse routine and not a vector routine as below

Another Cool-g Source set.

*Source will need to be fixed for Kick2+/AGA*

Code Demoes using by installing the main loop in a Vector.

Seka Assembler
A PowerShell
Basic Source to generate Sinus List
Some other tools.

The source in here is mainly about Plasma, If I can recall correctly (correct me if I am wrong).
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