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Perhaps there are better test tools available for OS4, but here is what Ranger lists:

BlizzardPPC, ppc set to automatic: Ranger reports a 603e running at 95Mhz
BlizzardPPC with ppc set to 604e: Ranger reports a 604e running at 101Mhz
CyberstormPPC: Ranger reports a 604e running at 265Mhz

I dont know how much difference there is between 603e and 604e, but it certainly feels like the speed enchancement is more that just 95 to 101Mhz.

Edit: found some CPU data for these two CPU's:
Name Frequency Instructions L1 cache L2 cache
603e 100-300 MHz 2 per cycle 2x16 KB
604e 166-233 MHz 6 per cycle 2x32 KB external to 1 MB

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