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Just a quick report about my "testing"

- With the config I posted + ppc_model=604e_v2.4 instead of just ppc_model=604e => Same behaviour (reboot - so double pink screen - then guru)

- Started from a pretty empty config (A1200 Blizzard PPC / no PCI bridge / no emulated soundcard / no ethernet), just uaehf to boot my hardfile + Z3 UAE RTG : Same thing

- Tested various amounts of memory (RTG, Z3, Blizzard), enabling / disabling 68k JIT,... : Same

- From the same "pretty empty" config, Trying to boot from IDE => no crash but intuition message box claiming disk format is unknown

- From the same "pretty empty" config, Trying to boot from SCSI (auto) => no crash but boot screen (*AOS 4* floppy animation)

When it crashes, I don't know if it crashes before actually booting the hardfile or during boot process (Did not read winuae logs, but I'm pretty sure they would be pretty difficult to understand for me)

Just in case : not expecting any analyzis Toni, just sharing my (pretty useless) tests.
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