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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Are you trying to tease me? If you can't make an actual profit with a game, because it's covers barely the development costs, it's not a sucess but a fail.
Lionheart sales have NOT been a failure. If it's what you think, you're wrong. Lionheart sales were good (thalion guys thought they would fail, and finally they didn't, they got the money, but not enough to stop the ship to sunk. Even if the game had sold tons, with what happened with Ambermoon, they never been able anyway to save Thalion.

Ambermoon was the source of the problem as pointed by Jurie Hornemann, the development took too long and Thalion ran out dry of money and pulled the plug.

Jurie had to fully recode all the tools they used for Ambermoon, Thalion for this very reason has lost 1 full year, because the tools were running on atari ST in 16 colors, and their plans needed the tools to be able to work in 32 colors. I pass on the ultra complicated 3D routines and all the tricks involved in Ambermoon. then he spent another 1 year to code the whole game.

Thalion was in financial trouble long before Ambermoon (which sold well enough according to interviews) was completed. They bound too many resources on single games, for way too long.
I agree with you here : Ambermoon sold extremely well in Germany (Source : Erik)
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