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There are three new WB v44+ instructions for the startup-sequence available since 46.4.367:
PlanarFrames1, PlanarFrames2 and PlanarFrames3

Instead of enabling the frames for all icons you can use these instructions to activate frames for the old planar icons only. The 1, 2 or 3 at the end of the instruction is responsible for the size of the icon frame. Call these commands as usually before LoadWB. Of course, a workbench.library v44+ is required. If you have OS 3.9 then you can enable/disable or change the frame size with Prefs/Workbench. No support for DOpus Magellan II, as always.

Addendum concerning the usage of the PlanarFrames1-3 instructions:

If you call any one of these instructions on OS 3.9 from your startup-sequence already before IPrefs is executed then you will get the full control of the Prefs/Workbench settings in Envarc:Sys back. This means that your saved Prefs/Workbench selection of the icon frame size will be restored at boot time, but will affect only the old style planar icons and won't add a frame to any colormapped icon.

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