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Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
Right my USB-TTL had been delivered when I got home from work.

Flashing process done and drive installed in A1200.

Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
But I can't boot from USB stick. It says FAT 32 etc support so I just quick formatted in Win7 and copied SELECTOR.ADF (the boot program) to the ROOT.

Not sure if you actually have to format the drive as if you were using the emulator on a PC with 100 or so mini partitions.
No. If you only see "---" on the display you may have a compatibility problem with your usb key. Try another one.

If you see "000" the selector.adf file is found and "loaded". In this case check that the jumper is set to "S0" and the floppy cable connected to the right way. The floppy cable may be connected to the other way on the motherboard.
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