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All disk drivers are restricted to track 79 (or maybe 81 max) to prevent possible drive damage.

You also need to adjust floppy geometry (increase geometry structure's cylinders value). Note that floppies (or images) formatted with different geometry are not compatible (becomes "not a dos disk").

For example original floppy disk (80 cylinders) won't anymore work if trackdisk.device is modified for 200 cylinders.

I think best option would be to define new drive ID (Normally only used to detect between DD and HD floppies if drive is HD drive, this changes geometry sectors value 11<>22) that includes (encoded) number of cylinders and create custom trackdisk.device that understands new drive ID type(s).

m68k aros trackdisk.device or hackdisk.device (in aminet) probably is best starting point.

(I am still not sure if this is worth the trouble...)
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