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Tandem IDE controller card

I'm having trouble getting a Tandem IDE card and CD-ROM up and running in my Amiga 4000. I have plugged the card in to a Zorro slot, and copied the 'AT' driver file to the System > Expansion folder. But when I run the CD Rom install, the scan doesn't pick up the CD drive. I know that all of the hardware and connections are fine, as when I plug in the old HD that the Amiga came with, the CD drive works. So it seems to be the software at fault.

Worth noting is that for some reason the CD-ROM is plugged in to the IDE connector on the IDE card rather than the CD-ROM connector. But it only works plugged in to the IDE one with the old HD, and doesn't work in either running the installer on the new HD.

Any suggestions? I'm running CWB by the way.
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