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This might be of help?

If you add this gemus command to the end of the script - just before the Run_Emulator command :-

Edit_CLP("The cmdline is")
End If

This displays a box showing the command line which is going to be used to launch the emulator. Helpful for debugging in 2 ways (if you like command lines?) :-

1 - A box appears showing you (you can copy'n'paste this into a cmd window to help debug the script). Ie get it woring from a cmd prompt 1st.

2 - You can inspect the contents of the ini file prior to emulator launch.

Thought it might be useful?? (Eg you can see the effect of "use 8.3 filenames" has the command line)

"Yes, but I believe the spaces create other issues when you have more than 4 disks and want to use the diskswapper..."
This might have something to do with spaces in the games folder - and gemus not quoting the strings corrctly. (Something similar popped up with a mess script :-

Maybe "a better fix" would be something like :-

-0 "%gamepathfile%" -1 ... s diskimage1="%gamepathfile(1)%"

Can't test it at the moment though - but that edit_cpl command will show the results of changing the script

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