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Load GBAmiga - Click the "GEMUS" menu, then select your config (X-arcade (this is the same as where you set the winuae.exe path))

In the bottom window - there's a load of text. Scroll down to the bottom
and you should see

Add_CLP(-f "%dbpath%\GameBase Amiga.uae" -0%gamepathfile% -1%gamepathfile(1)% -2%gamepathfile(2)% -3%gamepathfile(3)% -s diskimage0=%gamepathfile% -s diskimage1=%gamepathfile(1)% -s diskimage2=%gamepathfile(2)% -s diskimage3=%gamepathfile(3)% -s diskimage4=%gamepathfile(4)% -s diskimage5=%gamepathfile(5)% -s diskimage6=%gamepathfile(6)% -s diskimage7=%gamepathfile(7)% -s diskimage8=%gamepathfile(8)% -s diskimage9=%gamepathfile(9)% -s diskimage10=%gamepathfile(10)% -s diskimage11=%gamepathfile(11)% -s diskimage12=%gamepathfile(12)% -s diskimage13=%gamepathfile(13)% -s diskimage14=%gamepathfile(14)% -s diskimage15=%gamepathfile(15)% -s diskimage16=%gamepathfile(16)% -s diskimage17=%gamepathfile(17)% -s diskimage18=%gamepathfile(18)% -s diskimage19=%gamepathfile(19)%)

The "fix" appears to be putting spaces between the -0,-1,-2,-4. NOTE - you'll need to do this for each config you want to use.

(I haven't tried this myself - as i'm still running v1.4.6)

Hope this helps
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