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Following an uneventful evening, I began the task of installing GameBase 1.6.

1) Created dir called 'Gamebase Amiga' and copied my game sets in this dir.
2) Installed Gamebase GUI
3) Ran GameBase Amiga 1.6 Setup.exe

Then I followed the setup guide you uploaded last night to the GameBase website.

My path setup is as follows:-

C:\Emulators\Gamebase Amiga

... in this I have dir I have 'Extras', 'Games', 'Kickstarts', 'Music' and 'Screenshot Directories' and 'Gamebase' folder (which contains the Gamebase GUI).

In tools > paths, I have set the following paths:-

GAMES: C:\Emulators\GameBase Amiga\Games

MUSIC ROOT FOLDER: C:\Emulators\GameBase Amiga\Music

PICTURES: C:\Emulators\Gamebase Amiga\Screenshots

EXTRAS: C:\Emulators\GameBase Amiga\Extras


Paths are all correct !

I verify my sets my by selecting TOOLS > VERIFY AVAILABLE FILES, and tick the tickboxes to verify 'GAMES', 'MUSIC', 'PICTURES', and 'EXTRAS'

Result of verified sets:-

Games not found 0/2711
Music: 0/2045
Pictures: 0/3129
Extras: 0/9879

Been looking at previous posts, but many refer to the wiki which no longer exists, so does anybody have any suggestions? I have full Gamebase 1.6 and SPS set. I'm using X-Arcade tankstick with homebuilt arcade machine running WinUAE

.... I got sore head!
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