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Gamebase Amiga and Wiki. HELP !

Firstly, a big hello to everybody on the forum.

This is my first post. Nice to see so many Amigans in one place :-)

I just downloaded Gamebase Amiga 1.6 with full roms.

1) GameBase Amiga website is no longer around: just prints a graphic on the title screen. Has the author of Gamebase closed down his site, or is their an alternative URL?

2) I need to find a wiki to give me a step-by-step set up guide for the Gamebase front end (front end from I am a newbie so a step by step guide for a complete idiot would be ideal :-)

3) I need a Gamebase Amiga 1.6 .mbd database file. Where can I find it for download?

Thank you for reading my post, and answering my questions

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