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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It didn't exist but nearly everything is there since 0.8.26-something. When I started using github, I commited every winuae source version I had, one by one.
Thank you Toni, I found it. I don't understand much of it, but it turns out blitter_slowdown() was completely disabled in UAE4All2. According to a comment in the code, it was disabled because it caused graphical glitches in Shadow Of the Beast.

I am learning. I know that UAE4All2 has three blitter modes: immediate, normal, and improved.

From my own experience with the emulator, immediate blitter mode seems to work the best (no flicker in Rick Dangerous, less flicker in Lionheart etc.).

But none of the three modes ever had blitter_slowdown() enabled. It was completely commented out in the source. I am thinking of enabling it again, maybe only in normal mode.

Should blit_slowdown() be active even if currprefs.immediate_blits is set to true? Or should blit_slowdown be bypassed in this case to make blitting truly immediate?

EDIT: I enabled blit_slowdown() (in normal mode only for now), and it works! The flicker in PP Hammer and Spindizzy Worlds is gone. Thanks for your help!

EDIT2: And in newer versions of WinUAE, blit_slowdown seems to be ignored if immediate_blits is true, as I thought it should. That's how it is now in UAE4All2 Vita, too.

EDIT3: Fixed version of UAE4All2 Vita is here:

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