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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
I also had a stab at chb's double pixel rendering, and the results are very promising. The best case didn't improve much (due to the extra blitter pass), but now the stream runs almost entirely in two frames, worst case being maybe 2.05-2.1 frames.
That is just incredible, and close to insane.. having somthing like this running mostly 25fps on a plain A500 would have been regarded as "magic" 25 years ago.

OT: I've coded my own nontextured wallrender hacked into your "framework", it's not using unrolled loops per se, and is dog slow (worst case is over 4 frames). but it was just for learning purpose, and it's all starting to make a lot more sence now.

next up is writing my own raycaster, which is mostly done in psydo code atm. but hopefully i will have some time this weekend to try it out in Assembler.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
What are some reasons a chunky buffer should not have Y horizontal? I haven't found one, whether truecolor or indexed.
If your thinking about my question regarding the segmented chunkybuffer, then it's only segmented for every 4 pixel on X, not on Y. sorry if my question was not explanatory enough.
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