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Some HD Toolbox Questions

Amiga fans,

I am quite used to setting up hard drives on the AMIGA and I know what to do. But I am aware that I don't understand some of the settings I make - I simply learned to make those settings from other people.

I would like to ask my fellow Amiga fans to help me to dispel my ignorance.

  1. When adding a new file system, you have to change the "Identifier". e.g. for PFS3 the identifier needs to be changed to 50465303.
    What is this identifier exactly, and what does it do?
  2. After setting the correct identifier you can change a partition to the file system of choice. One of the options here is called "Mask". I understand what a bitmask is and what it does. But what is its application here?
  3. Another setting is called "Max Transfer". I understand I should set it to
    0x0001FE00. Why? What does this do?
  4. Regarding file system block size, I always set it to 512. But what are the pros and cons to other settings here?
Many thanks in advance!
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