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Originally Posted by AmigaBill View Post
Really wonderful stuff AmigaJay, thank you so much. I have just stared exploring your awesome collections. Wow, you have done so much work.
I can't imagine all the time and effort you put into these top-quality releases.
You the man! Sadly, I do not have a real CD32 so I have been running your .iso files in WinUAE. I apologize if this has already been discussed, but is it possible to burn these .iso images to a CD and play them on my A1200 with CD-ROM drive? I am guessing so. Or install them on my A1200's hard drive DamienD style?

Thanks in advance!
Thanks Bill! Yeah they do take longer than someone might think they do, but I enjoy making them that's all that matters, though I do sit on the laptop too much in the evening, I must contain it to the weekend really, but it's like a drug trying to get a certain game to run!

No idea about playing these on a A1200 with cd-rom, only had a A500 then CD32 with SX1 so had no need back then, someone else will be able to help I'm sure.
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