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Floppy disk Windows installer for VBCC tool chain

Here is an installer for VBCC on Windows. It installs vbcc, vasm, vlink, GNU make, AmigaOS NDK 1.3 and 3.9, and user manuals:

The current versions are:

2018-12-28 vasm 1.8e
2018-12-28 vlink 0.16b
2017-08-14 vbcc 0.9f patch 1
2016-05-22 GNU Make 3.81 and 4.2


Only the binaries:

The setup takes care of paths, environment variables, and configuration files, so you can build Amiga programs from the command line or from inside your IDE immediately after installation.

The tool chain also targets Atari TOS, Atari MiNT M68K, and Atari MiNT ColdFire, for anyone developing for those systems.

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