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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post

While I realise the disgruntled effect is real, Ive never understood it.
It's easy to understand.

Say you come here and say "hey guys had an Amiga and have fond memories, want to go back to it, I want to play all those games, but I want to spice up the system a but more to be used today, like transferring stuff to my Amiga from my modern computer, what do you suggest?"

Two replies down someone says "YOU MUST get a Vampire it's the Amiga FUTURE!", and you go and get it. Terrible mistake.

You'll be VERY disappointed when you find it has compatibility issues and that you have a hard time running stuff "like you remember".

As I said, Vampire isn't for just everyone, and people suggesting others to get one should be wary to do so. You only damage the platform by suggesting people who are not really suited to have one (yet) to get one.

Teh truth is most Amiga 68k users of today, just want to reminisce and play old stuff with them, for which they need not much expansion, especially when in most cases, Amiga expansions cause incompatibilities you have to work around.
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