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Is it possible to do some BASIC (interpreter with errors in the floating-point calcs) work to find some of the "inaccurate" factor/variable values, and use that in the C calculation instead? Using inaccurate constants to simulate the process. It will of course not help for the dynamically non-const calculated values, but maybe there's a way around that too...

EDIT: Removed some non-sense babbling from this post. I was wrong.

EDIT2: Now I managed to make a "differentiate" table, halving the size of the period table section in the EXE. The generated table is 100% accurate with the original one, I compared each and every value in a loop.
The reason I have 14 extras zeroes at the end of the table is to prevent access violation on arpeggios on high notes with +7 finetuned samples. PT ignored this, you can imagine what kind of weird glitches you'd get.

New version of MOD player:

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