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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Since the music was created in Protracker using its 'inaccurate' table, if you then play it back with objectively more correct values, it will sound wrong since it was not created for that.

It could be temperament adjustments, but then you'd have to choose a base as it would sound wrong if you then made music with another base and it seems weird if Protracker would be designed mainly for music in A for example.

Well I was thinking it might have been done to mask obvious beats when two notes are played simultaneously. The notes of chords in even temperament aren't perfect ratios of one another so beats are inevitable. Other temperaments are sometimes used to reduce these beats.

The correct temperament depends on the objective, of course.


Of course the computed values aren't even temperament either since they're rational approximations and 2↑(1/12) is not rational. I wonder what rounding/approximating does to the relationships between notes when chords are played. Maybe there should be an Amiga temperament!

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