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... and another small duo of extended ADFs renamed as "overdumps":

Terrorpods (1987)(Psygnosis)(M7)[o] (crc 0418CF96)
Tusker (1990)(System 3)[o] (crc 3D8B02D5)

The next IS an extended adf, but there is nothing indicating this:
Tusker (1990)(System 3)(crc E10486F8)

I suggest to DELETE the following two ones:

Trivia Game Show (1990)(Impressions)[h FLT][u][b](crc 7685D765)
53 KB packed; this is maybe a patch disk

Thomas the Tank Engine (1992)(Alternative)[cr QTX][t +2 Metal Force][u][b](crc 9F5F5BC1)
11264 bytes unpacked; this appears to be a trainer patch disk!!

Doesn't look broken to me at all: BUT it must be used as DMS and patched onto the QTX scene original using the DMS tool in overwrite/update mode!

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