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What's the model of the card? I assume most 040 cards will allow you to add at least 32MB RAM, possibly up to 128MB. Once you know the model, you can check it on the Big Book of Amiga Hardware and see what the maximum it supports is, then check out for some cheap RAM. I reccomend at least 32MB RAM. I've been using an A1200 with 32MB RAM and it's never run out, although when running IRC, MSN, a web browser with 10+ tabs open, email, music player, paint program and a bunch of other little utilities and it starts to get down to that final few megs of RAM free, and you just know if you were to try running Lightwave from this point, it may have a bit of trouble rendering animations with all those apps running in RAM. Of course none of the programs will slow down, because it's not a PC, they'll keep running at their full speed, multitasking away with each other in harmony, but the RAM can get crowded if you're making yourself very busy. Don't you just love it when your 17 year old Amiga is loading a bunch of CPU-intensive, Javascript-filled websites while the music player plays without missing a single beat? Now that's true multitasking.

And you know what would really enhance your Amiga experience even more? Either an Indivision AGA flicker fixer, so you can use Workbench and web applications at 1024 x 768, or a Mediator/Grex PCI board and a Radeon graphics card maybe. The graphics card is way more desirable if you're more into using your Amiga seriously, but the Indivision is essential if you want to play games on any modern display device (well, a few LCD TVs will sync down to the Amiga's output but composite won't look as good as VGA).
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