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It is already possible using Input panel.

Single event only example:

Map any key to "Warp mode", then click "Warp mode" input target text to change activation mode. (press is probably what you want)

Switching other options at the same time requires use of "custom event" input target:

Basic structure is: "<config entry name>=<value>" "<another config entry>=<value>" and so on. (it also supports calculations, for example config value=[config value+10] and key injection etc)

If you want to activate your boost only when key is kept pressed:

Slots 1 and 3: "warp=true" "cycle-exact=false" "floppy_speed=0"
Slots 2 and 4: "warp=false" "cycle-exact=true" "floppy_speed=100"

Custom event changes behavior of sub slots:

1 = executed when first press
2 = executed when first release
3 = executed when second press
4 = executed when second release
Restart from slot 1.

It can be very confusing but also very powerful
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